About Me

I bridge the gap between brands and their audiences using digital media and its tools.


“To serve as a leader by encouraging innovative ideas and forward-thinking so that my team can create solutions that will improve the lives of others.”

My name is Oluwafemi, I wanted to be a doctor. Now, I save brands from poor digital presence. I love to introduce myself this way as it shows a unique journey and there is a visible pointer to where I am heading. I have experience of over 8 years as a social media strategist and marketer; I have spoken to over 3700 people on social media strategy, personal branding, and staying consistent.

I don’t just want to save brands from poor social media presence; I want to work with them to improve their branding, social media marketing, and positioning on social media. It is amazing to see the flare I have for brand growth and their revival.


“Your growth might not be constant, but your consistency should be constant.”

I am a digital strategist with a specialty in digital strategy, social media management, and communications strategy. I have worked in different roles and different industries since I started my career in the digital media space. I have worked on campaigns for several brands and as a brand advocate and consultant for several FCMG brands, SMEs in the Food, Education, Event, Real Estate, Technology, and Health sectors.

From a studio manager intern, I grew into the position of a studio manager in the space of one year. During the learning phase, I picked up audio editing skills, flexibility and adaptability skills, time management, schedule designing and I perfected my video editing skills to a commendable extent.

As the lead strategist and founder of The Bees Africa, I have worked with several brands to achieve their goals, consult for brands who are trying to find their space in the marketplace.

Some of the brands include; Nigerian Girl Guides, VerveTree, Tech Summit Ogun, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ogun state, WSICE, Ogun Youth Awards, TedxIbara, TedxFUNAAB.


“To inspire others to achieve great things.”

Asides from saving brands (well, you can call me their superman *smiles*), I am passionate about capacity building; I believe in investing in people and giving everyone a platform to build and showcase their skills.

Starting up a career in the digital space didn’t take off on a good note for me, I knew I wanted a career in the digital space but I couldn’t figure. I attended a lot of conferences, seminars, workshops in the bit to discover myself. I remember having a poor encounter with a counselor at one of the events I attended. She said I was confused and didn’t know what I wanted from life and didn’t belong in the space. I went back home determined to reach out to people who are thought leaders in the digital marketing space but only a few responded and I was able to connect with a few.

Here is the gist, belonging to a community makes things faster and easier. There is access; access to specialists in the field you are in or about to get a career there, access to information and industry updates, jobs and projects, etc. These and more are the drive behind the creation of COLOGENY; a global community of digital marketing enthusiasts and specialists.


“To inspire others to live the life of their dreams.”

I believe staying through to your craft and becoming better every minute will set you on a
part of distinction. As a teenager, I received an award for the most committed teenager
which I got to value so much while growing up.
As an undergraduate, I got selected as one of the campus ambassadors for Dufil Foods
(Indomie), I was recognized as one of the influential students of mediapreneurs in Ogun
State. In 2018, I got nominated for SME 100 Africa, I won Ogun Youths Award; Prize for New
Media. I was honored with a purpose award which was in recognition of my young and
entrepreneurial drive to start fulfilling purpose at an early stage.