elPhemo’s Corner – The Introduction

Hi there, I’m Oluwafemi Ogunsanya | elPhemo

Remember “Career Clusters in Digital Marketing” written by Oluwafemi Ogunsanya? You are receiving this email because you downloaded the free ebook. I want you to know that this email is not a spam email. *smile* I hope you found good use of “Career Clusters in Digital Marketing”?

I got some reviews about the book and it gladdens my heart anytime I go back to them.

I am starting out a weekly newsletter – elPhemo’s Corner. elPhemo’s corner is where I share my experience in building STRUCTURESCAREER GROWTH, and RESOURCES that can aid your growth.

Over the years, I have realized that these three things are essential parts of our lives, reading and listening to people share their experiences on these things will help set and maintain anyone on the right part.

I’ll leave you with this;

Creativity is limitless, there is no rule to it.

Till I come your way again next week SUNDAY. Thanks for reading. I’m glad you’re here.

By Oluwafemi Ogunsanya

Oluwafemi Ogunsanya is an idea-driven strategist that bridges the gap between brands and their audiences using digital media and its tools. As the founder and lead strategist of The Bees Digital Agency, Oluwafemi has worked with several organizations, brands, and SMEs in Nigeria to strategize and implement digital media marketing that is practical, direct, and attainable.

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