finding me in me

Finding Me in Me

Finding me in me is an inspiration by the Holy Spirit of the story and journey of Oluwafemi, whose journey has been filled with several stories, there were several pointers in his life that he never paid attention to but when he started his journey with Christ, he began to see the pattern and the journey of finding himself began.


This is one book I’ll recommend for aspiring Social Media managers and those already occupying a social media role. I particularly love the simplicity of how the message was passed across and how it reiterates the fact that Social Media Managers need to develop quality relationships with their clients always. It helps get the job done easily. If you’re looking to ace social media professionally, this book is the right blueprint to begin your journey.
Omotayo Sobayo
Paid Marketing Manager, Pulse Ghana
This book is not just a prep list for social media management but a must-have tool for everyone in Social Media Management. The simplicity with which Femi wrote this book gives anyone looking to start social media management the direction they need, even when they have no background in communications or marketing.
Dafe Richards
Storyteller & Social Media Entrepreneur
Femi took this game to a different level with this 'Prep List On Social Media Management'. When we started out, we had zero help or guide on how to manoeuvre the social media ecosystem, with this very well packed guide, several mistakes can be definitely averted! Femi did a selfless work with this piece!
Stratis Kingston
Founder, Senior Strategist Cavemen Agency & WetFire
It can be daunting navigating social media all by yourself without a guide. This book is a detailed and helpful guide for all social media managers or those intending to be. A big kudos to Femi for putting this together, I highly recommend.
Marketing Communications Specialist, Earnipay
A Prep List on Social Media Management is a must read for every individual looking to start a career as a Social Media Manager. It breaks down each step you need to take a a digital enthusiast and equips you with the right information to succeed. I strongly recommend this book to every creative who's passionate about growth and development. This is a masterpiece.
Oluwafemi Anthony
Comms Strategist, Trav4College LTD
...Almost everyone knows about Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, many lack detailed knowledge and exposures about their relevances in providing business and entrepreneurial solutions to improve sales and more. In this book, Femi had a prostitutional approach on hacks to improve Social Media management and solve the many problems you might be facing. This is what you have been looking for all over the internet. Chew it.
Mahmoud Damisi.
The Everything Middleman Consults.