About Me

I bridge the gap between brands and their audiences using digital media and its tools.


“Leading with innovation to improve lives through creative solutions.”

As an idea-driven strategist and marketer with over 8 years of experience, I strive to save brands from poor digital presence and work with them to improve their branding, social media marketing, and positioning on social media. My passion for brand growth and revival is evident in my ability to speak to over 3700 people on social media strategy, personal branding, and staying consistent.


“Maintaining consistency is key to achieving growth.”

As an experienced digital and communications strategist, I specialize in driving ideas and managing social media campaigns for various brands in different industries. As the founder of The Bees Africa, I have a proven track record of successfully consulting and advocating for brands to achieve their goals and find their place in the marketplace. Some notable brands I have worked with include Nigerian Girl Guides, VerveTree, Tech Summit Ogun, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ogun state, WSICE, Ogun Youth Awards, TedxIbara, TedxFUNAAB.


“To inspire others to achieve great things.”

As a leader, my mission is to inspire others to achieve great things. One of the ways I do this is by managing a community of digital marketers called COLOGENY which I founded. With a focus on professional development, networking and fostering collaboration within the digital marketing industry, Cologeny has seen tremendous growth and success. The community’s members are diverse, from seasoned professionals to newbies in the digital marketing field, but all are united by a passion for growth, learning and excellence. I am excited to continue to grow and evolve the community, and inspire more people to achieve great things in their professional and personal lives.


“To inspire others to live the life of their dreams.”

Through my personal growth and achievements in my craft, I am dedicated to encouraging others to strive for excellence and distinction. From receiving an award for commitment as a teenager, to being recognized as an influential student leader and mediapreneur in college, to being nominated for SME 100 Africa and winning the Ogun Youths Award for New Media, I have consistently demonstrated a drive for success and purposeful impact. These accomplishments serve as a source of inspiration for others to push themselves to reach new heights and fulfill their potential.